I finished him awhile ago but I’ve been too sick to get online and post him.

bat bear


fried eggs anyone?

I feel like if I walk outside today, my brain’s gonna end up like this


bat bear head thing

picture-005.jpgdoes this look right?


silly riddle

So we had a couple riddles presented to us the other day and I, being super smart and cool, figured them out in seconds.  Thought I would tell one of them cause I thought it was funny.

When you look up in the sky you see me

Im a four letter word present in the ocean and the sea

What am I?

unfinished bat bear

ok I”m having motivation problems. Usually happens when I have a deadline. Thought I would just post a couple pictures of the unfinished bear and it might inspire me to work on it more.  I need to finish it  by Saturday so thats only a few days away.  Ack, must work.


Scary!  Or at least he thinks so!

vamp_bunny2.jpg vamp_head2.jpgvamp_side.jpg

Want a Clam!!!!

So there’s an inside joke running around my LARP group that otters are the worst to talk to.  Yeah, cause all they do it hold out a clam and say “Want a clam?”  So I thought it would be fun to make one and give it to Mike.



This pattern was completely and totally original so if you would like the pattern just let me know and I’ll email it to you!  Gidgetmj84@yahoo.com